domenica 1 dicembre 2013

White Roses

Title: White Roses!
Author: ily_chan
Fandom: News
Pairing: RyoxTego
Rating: G
Genre: Sentimental, slice of life
Warnings: Slash, Drabble
Summary: It 's birthday Tesshi and like every year receives his beloved white roses by his eternal and only love Ryo-tan!
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, as you well know, the johnny's not mine ç_ç but belong to Johnny Kitagawa.

It was the morning of his birthday, he woke up early and went into the kitchen where there was already a huge bunch of white roses. He walked over to it and read the note:

A White Rose: symbol of purity
A white rose: your favorite
A white rose that you are my love
Happy Birthday Tego-nya.
I love you so much your Ryo-tan.

As he read, a tear of joy descended on his face moistened his lips formed a huge smile.
When he saw him on the arc of the kitchen with a white teddy bear in his hands could not do anything but run to him and kiss him.

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