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Twenty-five words for a pairing!

TITLE: Twenty-five words for a pairing!
AUTOR:  ily_chan
FANDOM: Arashi, News, Kanjani8,  KAT-TUN, HSJ, YamaPi
PAIRING:  MassuxOhno; RyoPi; ShigexOhnoxKame; YamaChii, RyoTego, Yamada Ryosuke x Kamenashi Kazuya, TegoShige; KoyaMassu; TegoPi
GENRE: romantic, sentimental, introspective, dark, humorous, g: insane, angast, Horror, Hurt / comfort
WARRINGS: Series of Drabble
DISCLAMER: Unfortunately, the characters do not belong to me if they did, CERTAINLY I would not be here to write about them xD

Challenge found on EFP
1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of twenty-five words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1) Ryo
3) Shige
4) Massu
5) Ryosuke
6) Ohno
7) Keii
8) Pi
9) Kame
10) Chiinen

First time, 4 & 6 Massu x Ohno
It was the first time they went out together.
He didn’t imagine that the gyoza the older had treated him with were the best of the city.

Angst, 7  Keii
It was over! Ryo and Pi walked out on them and now?
He feels so lost, but somehow he would go ahead!
He doesn’t know how, but somehow they will do it.

AU, 1 & 8 RyoPi
<< Hi! I’m Tomohisa and you?>>
<< Would you like to go to somewhere quieter?>>
<<Yeah, my house or yours?>>

Threesome, 3/6/9 Shige x Ohno x Kame
Ohno had no idea about why he had invited then.
He only knew that he couldn’t stand those moans coming from his bathroom.

Hurt/comfort, 5 & 10 YamaChii
When Ryosuke had seen Yuri fall from the trapeze, his heart had lost a beat.
Now they were in their own room and Ryosuke was filling the younger with kisses, spoiling him even more.

Crack, 1 Ryo (Tego)
Since the moment he had seen Tegoshi fall down the stairs, Ryo couldn’t help but laugh.

Horror, 10 Chiinen (Yamada)
Shivering in the dark and hidden under the bed’s sheets, Yuri wished the storm to end soon.
Why had he agreed to see that horror movie with Ryosuke?

Baby-fic, 5 & 9 Yamada Ryosuke x Kamenashi Kazuya
<< Kawaiii! Look at you!  My little Ryosuke is all grown up now!>>
<<Kazumama! Stop holding me so tight! I can’t breathe!>>

Dark, 2 & 8 TegoPi
YamaPi held his breath while seeing Tegoshi cutting himself with a blade. Suddenly, the long sleeves the younger often wore made sense.
How could he say it to Ryo now?

Romance, 4/7 KoyaMassu
It  all began with an invite to dinner. Now they were an inseparable couple that acted all lovey-dovey, cuddling often and laughing for nothing just like two teenagers.

Death-fic, 2 & 3 TegoShige
He couldn't believe it. Shige, his Shiggychan was dead. 
He screamed and woke up all sweaty and trembling.

Luckily, it was just a nightmare.

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